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Transforming the lives of people impacted by cancer through science and innovation.

For 15 years, Bayer has been committed to the field of Oncology by researching and developing innovative medications and new therapeutic approaches that help make a difference to people’s lives. The oncology franchise at Bayer expands to several approved products and new assets in various stages of clinical development.

In Prostate Cancer:

XOFIGO® (Radium 223 dichloride), with 30% reduction in risk of death and AE profile comparable to placebo, XOFIGO® offers mCRPC patients a safe and effective treatment.1,2

NUBEQA® (darolutamide), the novel AR inhibitor for nmCRPC, extends both MFS and OS without compromising quality of life.3-6

Click here to read the SMPCs for XOFIGO, NUBEQA, VITRAKVI, NEXAVAR and STIVARGA:

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