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Innovative Medicines: An innovative approach to meeting patient needs in Oncology, Neurology and Respiratory disorders

Teva offers innovative treatments for central nervous system (CNS) disorders, including neurological and neurodegenerative diseases, migraine and movement disorders, and also has a strong portfolio of products for oncology and respiratory disorders. We integrate our generic and innovative research and development capabilities to create new ways to address unmet patient needs by combining drug development capabilities with devices, services and technologies.

We make a big difference in the lives of cancer patients. We provide a variety of treatments, including several biological drugs that are part of the treatment regimen for oncology patients. For example, Teva offers an innovative treatment for a rare but aggressive form of leukaemia called APL. In addition, we also have a drug to help patients fight metastatic breast cancer, as well as various tools to support patients with the side effects of chemotherapy, like short acting G-CSF (filgrastim/Tevagrastim®) or long acting G-CSF (lipegfilgrastim/Lonquex®) used for the prevention and treatment of febrile neutropenia in, amongst others, urological cancers. With this asset we hope to make a difference in quality of life for patients.

For more information about our oncology portfolio, please contact our Hospital Key Account Mgr Oncology-Hematology at or 0468/233 897.